Who discovered Oxygen

who discovered oxygen

Who discovered Oxygen?

The Discovery of Oxygen was claimed by many scientists such as Scheele, Priestley, and Lavoisier.

Know the fact about the discovery of Oxygen

In 1772 Swedish scientist Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered the air which supports in burning and named it as “fire air “but unfortunately his work didn’t publish until 1777.

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who discovered oxygen - discovery of oxygen


In 1774 Joseph Priestley, British chemist discovered Oxygen independently in gaseous state and called it “dephlogisticated air”

In 1778 French Chemist, Antoine Lavoisier after a lot experiment demonstrated the air which is responsible for combustion and named it as Oxygen (Greek for acid producer) because of his belief that Oxygen was present in all acid.

discovery of oxygen
However, Priestley claimed that he had a discussion of his experiment with Lavoisier, so the independent discovery of Oxygen by Lavoisier is questionable.

Conclusion: Although Scheele discovered the Oxygen first as “fire air” but his work not publish hence the discovery of oxygen goes to Joseph Priestley as dephogisticated airwhich was later named as Oxygen by Lavoisier

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