Who is Father of Chemistry


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Who is the father of modern chemistry?

When the question comes about the father of chemistry then many name upswing in our mind and the most appropriate name is the French chemist, Antoine Lavoisier full name Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794) as the Father of Modern Chemistry.


Father of Chemistry 

Why Antoine Lavoisier is known as the father of Modern Chemistry

When we review the ancient chemistry then found that people were not interested in this field. Antoine Lavoisier contributed the boost to the thoughts that result in the chemistry that we studied today. Lavoisier is known as the leader of the 18th-century chemical revolution. he has a huge influence on the history of biology and chemistry.
Antoine Lavoisier wrote the book “Element of Chemistry” (1787) which describe the experiments and reasoning which led him to conclusions, which are accepted by the scientific community almost immediately


Antoine Lavoisier devises the system of chemical nomenclature which is the source of the modern naming system of the chemical compounds. He named Oxygen which was discovered by Joseph Priestley (1774) as “dephlogisticate air” and Hydrogen which was isolated by Henry Cavendish (1758) called “inflammable air” Lavoisier.
Antoine Lavoisier proposed the combustion theory with the repetition of the experiment of “dephlogisticated air” by Joseph Priest and identify the significance of Oxygen in combustion. He also challenges Joseph Black’s “Fixed air” theory


Antoine Lavoisier is the first person who makes good use of balance. He was much intended about the measurement of mass during chemical changes. He burnt the phosphorus and sulfur in air and proof that product weighed more than the original, however, the weight gain was lost from the air and established the Law of Conservation of Mass (1789) also known as “Lavoisier law” which reveal that mass neither be created nor be destroyed.
He predicted the existence of silicon, proved that sulfur is an element not a compound 
He also gives evidence that water is a compound, not  an element, it is formed with Hydrogen and Oxygen
Antoine Lavoisier innocent victim of revolution’s Reign of Terror and at age of only 50 years he died by the guillotine on May 1794 in Paris

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