Why Helium gas Filled In Balloons Not Hydrogen


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Which Gas Is Filled In Balloon To Float

why helium gas filled in balloons
Here we describe that Why Helium gas Filled In Balloons Not Hydrogen!
When a gas lighter than air is filled in balloon then it will fly. Both Hydrogen and Helium are lighter than air as Helium is about eighth of air density whereas Hydrogen is about a sixteenth of air density. Hence these gases can be filled in balloon to fly them.
This article will explain the following queries 

1. Which gas is filled in balloon.

2. Why helium gas is filled in balloons, not hydrogen.


Why Helium Gas Filled In Balloons Instead of Hydrogen Although Hydrogen Is Lighter than Helium

Although Hydrogen is lighter than Helium but due to safety reason, balloons are not filled with Hydrogen. Hydrogen is flammable gas hence it can catch fire and blow up which can harm the children who are playing with balloons. Whereas Helium is heavier than Hydrogen but still it is lighter than air and balloon filled with helium can fly. It is an inert gas hence it is safe.
why helium gas filled in balloons,


Helium is quite expensive due to its limited resources on the planet. It only created by radioactive decay on earth. Whereas Hydrogen can be produced easily even it can be produced at home with the reaction of Caustic Soda and Aluminium foil in simple steps

Steps to produce Hydrogen gas at Home
  1. Take a bottle and fill it with a mixture of Caustic Soda(NaOH) and Aluminium
  2. Add some water to the bottle and connect the balloon at the top of the bottle
  3. After sometime hydrogen gas will generate automatically and it will inflate the balloon.
  4. Now the balloon with Hydrogen gas ready to fly.

But Beware that little sparks can cause the Danger. It’s recommended not to play with danger.
Safety should be above all the things. Be safe keep safe your children Hence If you want to float balloon then go for Helium gas balloon never go for Hydrogen gas balloon
which gas is filled in ballon


Other method may be used to filled air in balloons if and it depends what is your purpose:
Air From The Mouth: This contains Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide and also water vapour mainly
Using Air infiltrator:  It contains all the atmospheric gases.